Monday, August 12, 2019

XFCE 4.14 is ready !

After a long development period - 4 years and 5 months of work, the XFCE folks have just announced the release of the Xfce desktop 4.14, a new stable version that supersedes Xfce 4.12.

Full changelog here :

(my small contribution to this release is folder thumbnails support in Thunar ;) )

Packages are ready for Zenwalk and Slackware.

Have fun

Sunday, June 2, 2019

zenwalk current ISO for 02 06 2019


 New current ISO is ready ! 

In addition to the hundreds of packages updates from upstream Slackware Current and Zenwalk native, you'll get the new Firefox 67.0, latest XFCE 4.13, a new desktop theme, and a brand new Whisker applications menu.

For complete changelog see both Slack changelog on and Zenwalk changelog on this site.

ISO can be downloaded here :

Don't forget : if you want to support Zenwalk : donations go to Slackware ! Zenwalk is not a job for me, as Slackware is for Pat !

Have fun :)

Saturday, February 2, 2019